3 Reasons To Go See A Ventriloquist Live

When you think about live shows to buy tickets for, you might think about going to a concert or a comedy show. You may have never seen a ventriloquist live, and you might have never thought about booking a ticket to one of these types of shows, either. However, going to see a ventriloquist show can actually be a ton of fun, and it's worth a try at least once for these reasons and many more. Read More 

Why You Should Repair Your Old Piano And Some Repairs It Might Need

If you've inherited an old piano from a relative and it's in bad shape, your first thought may be to discard it. Before you do that, you should consider having it repaired to a functional state. A piano from a grandparent can be a great heirloom to pass on to future generations, especially if it's of high quality. Here's why you should consider repairing the piano and some ways that can be done. Read More 

Things To Avoid Doing When You Visit A Guitar Store

When you visit a guitar store in the hopes of buying a new instrument, picking up some accessories, or just browsing, it's easy to adopt the mentality of a "kid in a candy shop." While this type of shopping requires a hands-on approach, it's ideal for you to keep some basic rules in mind that will prevent you from standing out for all the wrong reasons. Here are some common things that some customers do but that you should avoid while you're at the guitar store. Read More 

Take Your Guitar to the Local Instrument Shop for These High-Performance Upgrades

As you improve as a guitar player, you might covet a new instrument while also having a deep connection to your current guitar. The good news is that with a few tweaks to your current guitar, you can transform it into a high-performance machine with which you can feel confident performing on stage. Your local guitar store not only sells new and used guitars but also likely has a service department that can perform repairs and upgrades for players. Read More 

Three Types Of Summer Camps In NYC That Are Culturally Enriching

If you are planning on sending your child to summer camp, but would prefer that they learn something rather than spend their time running around playing games, then you should pick a summer camp that offers a cultural learning experience. Below are three popular areas to choose from: Science, Art, and Music. Many camps will offer short duration experiences (not the entire summer) so you could even enroll your child in several different camps throughout the summer. Read More