Do You Teach Choir At Your High School?

Did you always plan to be a choir teacher at a school? Maybe you were in choir during your own school years and it was the best experience you had. That might have led you to majoring in music when you went to college. No matter the scenario, if you are a choir teacher you are more than likely always looking for new ideas that will hold your students' interest.

Do you have this year's plan for choir experiences already mapped out? If so, then you don't need to read any further. However, if you are still looking for ideas, from arranging for a flash mob opera by your students to taking them to different locations to perform, here are some ideas that might help you.

Flash Mob Opera 

You've more than likely seen flash mob presentations on television or on your computer screen. Isn't it interesting that you never tire of looking at those fun and wonderful presentations? Can you imagine what a fabulous and memorable experience it would be for your choir students to be part of a flash mob opera?

Think of opera songs that your students would love. For instance, Carmen and Madame Butterfly are just two operas that have songs that would be appropriate for students to perform. Before you teach your students the actual songs, be sure to tell them the story behind the song. For example, if you select music from Carmen, they'll probably be fascinated and saddened by the storyline.

Plan The Flash Mob Experience 

Start small. For example, consider asking the principal of your school if your choir students could surprise kids while they are having lunch in the school cafeteria. After that, think of other places you could take the kids for their own flash mob opera experience. 

For example, a local mall might be delighted for your group to perform more than once. They might put out the word to people in the community to come to the mall for a wonderful surprise. You and your kids will be the surprise! 

Think of other ways you can do a flash mob in your community. For example, during the Christmas holidays, perhaps you can go into parks and other places that decorate for Christmas in a very big way. Remember not to dress up. Part of the success of flash mob opera is that the person right next to somebody might actually be part of the performance. 

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