Why You Should Repair Your Old Piano And Some Repairs It Might Need

If you've inherited an old piano from a relative and it's in bad shape, your first thought may be to discard it. Before you do that, you should consider having it repaired to a functional state. A piano from a grandparent can be a great heirloom to pass on to future generations, especially if it's of high quality. Here's why you should consider repairing the piano and some ways that can be done.

Why It's Worth Saving An Old Piano

A piano from a close family member may have sentimental value if you remember playing with it as a child. You may hate the thought of having to throw it out, and by repairing it, you'll have a useful memento of your loved one that brings back fond memories. Plus, if you have kids of your own, they may enjoy playing around on the piano even if they never take formal lessons. Old pianos are made of high-quality wood, and when they're restored properly, they can have a high value as well as add to the décor of your home.

It's not always possible to save an old piano, but it could be worth it to call a piano repair service and ask. You may be surprised at how a service can rebuild a piano that has severe damage to the wood and keys. If the piano is still in fairly good shape but just has minor damage and is out of tune, then repairs are even easier.

Problems You Can Expect With Old Pianos

An old piano is likely to have damage to the keys. There might be cracked or chipped keys, missing keys, keys that are hard to press, and keys of uneven heights. All of these problems can be repaired. The service might find old replacement keys to use, or you may need to switch to modern key materials so all the keys look the same. Regulating the piano will probably be necessary as well. This process adjusts the mechanical system of the piano that includes the keys. A properly regulated piano produces sound with a soft touch of the keys so the piano is more responsive and all of the keys respond in a uniform manner.

Another problem with an old piano is dust accumulation inside the piano. Wear can also show on the outside by cracking or warping of the wood. A piano can be vacuumed and dusted internally to a clean state, and if necessary, the wood can be refinished so the piano is restored to its previous beauty. By simply cleaning, shining, and polishing the piano, years will be removed from its appearance.

Tuning will certainly be needed for an old piano. The repair service may need to tighten parts so tuning can be done properly. Tuning is done in a couple of ways, and an old piano will probably need both methods of tuning done. One way is to tune the piano to itself so no keys sound off when they're struck. The more advanced way is to tune the piano to a standard so it will blend in when played along with other musical instruments. All pianos need these adjustments occasionally, so an old piano that hasn't been tuned in years will need this important service if you want the piano to produce beautiful music.

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