A Musical Tribute: Hiring A Singer For A Loved One’s Funeral

When you think about hiring a singer for events, the events in question are usually a celebration—weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and so on. But not all musical performances are festive. Sometimes they're a tribute, which is the case if you're considering hiring a singer to perform at a loved one's funeral. What are some of the things you should think about when hiring a singer for a funeral?  A Specific, Appropriate Song Read More 

Can Music Lessons Help Your Shy Child?

If your child is shy, introverted, or easily frightened by other people, you may want to help them overcome their shyness as much as possible. But if your child's current activities don't make an impact on their shyness, consider signing them up for music lessons. Music may be just the thing you need to help your loved one. Learn how music may help your child become more outgoing below. How Can Music Help Shy People? Read More 

How Hip-Hop Gospel Music For Children Is Beneficial

Hip-hop gospel music is making a splash in the music industry and seems to be getting more popular with each passing year. Here are a few ways such music is beneficial for children: It Keeps Them Away from the Profane Stuff There is a lot of hip-hop music in existence, much of which contains profane language and ideas. Hip-hop gospel music is designed to sound like any other type of hip-hop music but without any profanity or immoral messaging. Read More 

Mindset Matters: How The Right Attitude Can Help You Prepare For Your First Guitar Lesson

When you think about getting ready for your first guitar lesson, you are probably thinking about making sure you have the right equipment you need to succeed. However, one of the most important things you can do is prepare your mind for success. Following a few guidelines will help you get off to a great start.  Eliminate unrealistic expectations Everyone wants to walk out of their first guitar lesson feeling like they are the next guitar superstar. Read More 

How To Maximize Benefit From Violin Lessons For Your Child

As the parent of a child in violin lessons, you may wonder what you can do to ensure your child really learns to play the violin well rather than just coasting through lessons without much improvement. Here are a few ways you can help ensure that your child reaps the maximum benefit from lessons. 1. Make sure your child has all the supplies they need In addition to an appropriately sized violin, your child may need accessories such as a shoulder rest for the violin. Read More