Getting Married? Hire A Wedding DJ To Make The Reception Fun

It takes a lot of preparation for a wedding, and it can be stressful for everyone involved. Once you get through the ceremony, taking time to relax will help everyone. One thing you can do is hire a wedding DJ for your reception. Below is more information about this so you can find a good DJ. 

Finding and Choosing a Wedding DJ

Look online or ask friends and family for names of wedding DJs in your area. Contact a few of them and make an appointment with them. Ask the DJ if you can listen to samples of their work. In many cases, they record their work for potential clients to listen to. They may have a video of their live performance or part of one.

Ask the wedding DJ about the equipment they use so you can be sure there is enough room for them. Some only use a few speakers while others will use much more, such as a turntable or a larger sound system. 

Tell Them What to Play

Instead of giving the DJ free reign over the music they play, give them a list of songs. To give them more freedom, you could give them a list of songs you do not want them to play or a genre of music you do not want them to play. Some DJs will take requests from people during the reception. They should play a mixture of dancing music and slow music.   

If you do not have a special song for you and your partner, the wedding DJ can likely make suggestions. If they are experienced, they have done a lot of weddings and know the songs people choose. 

Act as an Emcee

Many wedding DJs can also offer other services to you. For example, they may act as an emcee. This is helpful as you will not have to worry about yelling over the music when you want to tell your guests it is time to sit down and eat. The wedding DJ can do this for you. They can also tell the guests when it is time to cut the cake and when the reception is about to end. 

The wedding DJ can tell everyone when it is time for the partner and their parent to have their dance. They can also tell them of other activities you may have planned to do. A good wedding DJ will know how to get a reluctant crowd going. 

Talk with a few wedding DJs in your area until you find the right one. 

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