Take Your Guitar to the Local Instrument Shop for These High-Performance Upgrades

As you improve as a guitar player, you might covet a new instrument while also having a deep connection to your current guitar. The good news is that with a few tweaks to your current guitar, you can transform it into a high-performance machine with which you can feel confident performing on stage. Your local guitar store not only sells new and used guitars but also likely has a service department that can perform repairs and upgrades for players. Read More 

Three Types Of Summer Camps In NYC That Are Culturally Enriching

If you are planning on sending your child to summer camp, but would prefer that they learn something rather than spend their time running around playing games, then you should pick a summer camp that offers a cultural learning experience. Below are three popular areas to choose from: Science, Art, and Music. Many camps will offer short duration experiences (not the entire summer) so you could even enroll your child in several different camps throughout the summer. Read More 

Use These Methods To Keep Your Guitar In Tune

When you're a novice guitar player, it's easy to get frustrated when your instrument goes out of tune. While you can have your guitar teacher tune the instrument when you arrive for your guitar lessons, this won't necessarily help on the days between the lessons when the instrument goes out of tune again. The best strategy is to take steps to avoid this problem. There are a variety of different methods at your disposal and, while you'll still need to tune your instrument on occasion, these strategies should lengthen the time between tunings. Read More 

Interesting Facts About Michael Jackson’s Life And Music

Since his first performance at age five, Michael Jackson has shown the world his great artistic and musical talent. Although his life was cut too short at age 50, the talent he contributed to the world of music, fortunately, still lives on. Here are some interesting facts about his music and life that make him such a great and talented artist. The Jackson 5 When Michael Jackson began his career singing and performing with his brothers in the Jackson 5, their first four singles were number one hits, showing his talent and contribution to the musical group. Read More 

Tips To Become A Singing Sensation

All over the world, people have dreams of becoming famous singers. If this dream tops your list, then you should know that, as long as you have some degree of talent, your dream is possible and accessible. The key to making it happen is to not give up and to do everything you can to hone and improve your singing ability and to get yourself out into the public eye as much as you possibly can. Read More