Focus On These Areas Before You Buy A Used Guitar

If your budget is tight but you live for music, don't be discouraged by the high cost of new guitars. For a fraction of this price, you can buy a used guitar and keep well within your budget. While you might be tempted to look in the local classifieds, it's best to shop for used guitars at a local reputable retailer. Such stores will carry warranties on their used products and stand behind what they sell. Read More 

Practicing Some Heavy Riffs? Here Are 4 Ways To Avoid Bodily Pain While Playing Guitar

Many aspiring rock guitarists develop bodily pain as a result of intense practice. Whether you are mastering riffs alone in your basement or playing in a rehearsal space with the rest of your band, hours of focused playing can leave you stiff, sore and sometimes even numb. Just like any other physical activity, playing the guitar can take a toll on your body, and excessive strain can lead to permanent damage. Read More 

What You Should Know About Piano Tuning

Have you decided to invest in a piano for your house because you love the look and sound of them? After you have purchased a piano, it is important for you to make sure it is tuned up every now and then. Occasional tune-ups can keep your piano more durable, especially if you live in a house that is always humid inside. Take a look at this article for more insight on what piano tuning is all about. Read More