How To Maximize Benefit From Violin Lessons For Your Child

As the parent of a child in violin lessons, you may wonder what you can do to ensure your child really learns to play the violin well rather than just coasting through lessons without much improvement. Here are a few ways you can help ensure that your child reaps the maximum benefit from lessons.

1. Make sure your child has all the supplies they need

In addition to an appropriately sized violin, your child may need accessories such as a shoulder rest for the violin. You may also need items such as:

  • A carrying case for the violin
  • A metronome for practice time
  • The right music books for your child's playing level
  • A violin stand
  • A music stand

Talk to your child's teacher about which supplies and accessories you can provide for your child to make the learning process easier and more efficient.

2. Get your child to lessons on time, every time

Getting anywhere on time with one or more kids can seem like an impossible feat. But getting your child to the lesson on time is the only way to ensure that they get the full hour (or half-hour) of teaching that week. If you just have too many moving parts, don't have a reliable vehicle, or struggle to arrive on time due to traffic, talk to your child's violin teacher about the possibility of online lessons.

3. Hold your child accountable for practicing

As a parent, reminding your child to practice their violin in between lessons is one way you can help your child progress faster through their lessons. Set aside some time each week (ideally a little time each day, if you can manage it) for your child's practice time. Then come up with a rewards system to motivate them to practice during that time.

4. Give your child opportunities to listen to classical music

Did you know that listening to music is an important way for your child to develop a musician's ear? And violin lessons often rely heavily on classical music, so playing classical music in your home can be a great way to help your child become more familiar with the musical styles they'll be playing on their violin.

5. Get your child to a music class

In addition to private violin lessons, you can also enroll your child in a weekly after-school music class for a more well-rounded musical education. A music class for young children may include things like learning new songs, echoing rhythmic patterns, and performing musical games with other children.

These are some of the top ways you can help your child progress faster through violin lessons. Not only does this mean your child will become a better violinist, but it also means you'll be getting more for your money since lessons cost the same whether your child learns much or not. Your child's violin teacher may have some additional ideas about how you can support your child's musical education.

For more information on violin lessons for your child, contact a professional near you.