A Musical Tribute: Hiring A Singer For A Loved One’s Funeral

When you think about hiring a singer for events, the events in question are usually a celebration—weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and so on. But not all musical performances are festive. Sometimes they're a tribute, which is the case if you're considering hiring a singer to perform at a loved one's funeral. What are some of the things you should think about when hiring a singer for a funeral? 

A Specific, Appropriate Song

You're not planning to stage a fully-fledged concert. You simply want a singer to perform a specific, appropriate song during the funeral service. It could be your loved one's favorite song or a selection from their favorite genre of music. 

The Singer's Required Accompaniment

Ideally, the singer will be their own accompaniment. They might perform with a guitar or a keyboard. An a cappella performance, or using a prerecorded backing track is also possible. Whatever the accompaniment is, it should be compatible with the funeral venue's existing sound system; this should be checked with your chosen funeral director.

Talk to Your Funeral Director

Your funeral director can be a helpful resource for choosing a funeral singer. Arranging a live performance as a tribute to a departed loved one isn't uncommon, so your funeral director may have a few recommendations. Alternatively, you can assemble a list of possible candidates from your own online research.

Listen to Examples of Their Work

When choosing a singer, you need to listen to their work. Most professional singers will provide examples online, allowing you to hear the sound of their voice and assess their suitability. You must ask if they've performed at a funeral before, if they're familiar with the song they're to perform (or if they're capable of learning it before the funeral), what their needs are in terms of accompaniment, and of course, what they charge for the performance.

The Funeral's Order of Service

Once you've chosen a funeral singer, it's simply a matter of adding the performance to the funeral's order of service, which isn't complicated. The song itself must be chosen, allowing you to know how much time must be allotted. This is why it's important to choose a singer and a song before the order of service is finalized. 

A live performance of your loved one's favorite song may not be a celebration in the typical sense, but it's a beautiful way to celebrate their life as you say your goodbyes.

If you want a unique event, consider hiring a singer for events.