Guitar Gaffes: How Not To Get Played When Shopping For Your First Electric Guitar

It is only natural to feel excited when you are headed out to the musical instrument store to purchase your first electric guitar. You dream of playing those amazing guitar riffs like your favorite musician, and you may feel ready to jump in and get started. However, knowing what guitar is best for you before you buy one will help you avoid common first-time buyer mistakes and will get you off to a great start on your guitar-playing journey.

Determine your budget

One common guitar gaffe aspiring musicians make is settling for a cheap guitar of poor quality or overspending on one they cannot afford at the time. Always get the best guitar you can realistically afford. It is better to wait a few months and save up for a better quality guitar than to rush into buying one you will need to upgrade in the near future.

Having a specific amount of money set aside before you walk into the musical instrument store will help you avoid financial miscalculations that you may regret later. It also helps you avoid pressure sales due to your excitement or an overzealous store employee.

Look to your favorite musicians

The genre of music you enjoy and your favorite musician should play a role in the type of electric guitar you purchase. While you may not be able to afford the exact instrument your favorite musician uses, you can use it to get an idea of the style and type of guitar you want. Do some research and see what kind of guitars your favorite musician uses, as well as what types of guitars are recommended for the genre you will be playing prior to shopping. 

Proper fit is important

Electric guitars vary in size, shape, and weight. The most beautiful electric guitar in the world will not be a good fit if it does not feel comfortable. You will need to try several guitars to make sure it fits your body type. How your hand feels around the neck of the guitar is vital to a comfortable playing experience.

Walking into a musical instrument store to purchase your first electric guitar is a great feeling. However, it can also be overwhelming when you are confronted with all the styles, colors, and types of electric guitars available. Doing some research prior to shopping will help you choose the guitar that is a great fit for you and will provide you with years of amazing playing opportunities.