What You Should Know About Piano Tuning

Have you decided to invest in a piano for your house because you love the look and sound of them? After you have purchased a piano, it is important for you to make sure it is tuned up every now and then. Occasional tune-ups can keep your piano more durable, especially if you live in a house that is always humid inside. Take a look at this article for more insight on what piano tuning is all about.

How Does a Humid House Affect a Piano?

Humidity is bad for a piano because eventually it can cause tuning problems. For instance, the humidity creates moisture that is able to make the wood on the piano start contracting and expanding. As the wood loses its shape, it affects the strings in the piano by changing how much pressure they are under. The strings can lose or gain pressure from the deformed wood. You would then have to get the piano tuned before it will sound as good as it should.

What Happens if a Piano is Not Regularly Tuned?

If you don't make sure your piano is regularly tuned, it causes a reduction of the amount of pressure that is on the strings. The bad thing about reduced string pressure is that your piano settles into the new sound. Once you get the piano tuned up again by getting the strings adjusted, it can take a while before the proper sound comes back. Failing to get our piano regularly tuned can lead to you having to do it more often than usual in order to make sure the pitch stays right. Basically, the frequent tune-ups stem from the strings needing to settle for a while each time that the strings are adjusted, which takes long before the overall desired pitch is achieved.

Does the Way a Piano is Played Affect the Tune?

You can typically play a piano however you desire without it causing any harm to how it is tuned. However, the strings can go out of tune if the piano is play in an aggressive manner on a regular basis. For instance, if you have children in your house that will be playing your new piano, it is not in your best interest to allow them to bang on the keys. After you have had your new piano for a few months, hire a professional to tune it up for you. Click here for more info or help.