4 Ways Radio Streaming Services Can Make Your Life Better

If you like listening to music, then you're going to want to check out music radio streaming services. These are easy-to-use services that allow you to listen to any kind of music that you want. The best part is you can listen to music no matter where you are. If you've been listening to music on the radio and are looking for a new solution, radio streaming services may be for you. Read More 

Why A Film And TV Composer Is Essential

Think about your favorite TV show or film. Can you hum along to its theme song? Do you have the song stuck in your head now? Undoubtedly. Music is vital and integral part of any viewing experience. It creates powerful bonds between the viewers and the program, and even more importantly, between viewers and the show's characters. While having a song list curated by a music supervisor can work well with the right film or television show, nothing beats custom music written and created for the show by a film or TV music composer. Read More 

Tips For Attending A Country Music Concert

Seeing your favorite country band in concert can be one of the most exciting experiences that a fan can have. However, many people will only attend concerts on an infrequent basis, and this can lead to them being unsure or ill-equipped to effectively plan and prepare for this event. Here are some tips on getting the most enjoyment out of your next country music concert. Take Public Transit Or Ride Share Whenever Possible Read More 

Do You Teach Choir At Your High School?

Did you always plan to be a choir teacher at a school? Maybe you were in choir during your own school years and it was the best experience you had. That might have led you to majoring in music when you went to college. No matter the scenario, if you are a choir teacher you are more than likely always looking for new ideas that will hold your students' interest. Read More 

Watch For Signs Of A Headstock Break When You Shop For Vintage Guitars

When you collect vintage guitars and see an instrument that catches your eye, it can be easy to be so focused on the idea of adding it to your collection that you don't thoroughly assess it. Shopping for vintage instruments is fun, but you always want to investigate the condition of a guitar before you take it home. One of the biggest threats to an instrument is a broken headstock, and when an instrument is several decades old — and especially if it's been played a lot — there's a real risk that it's experienced this break. Read More